Natural Crystal Angel Rainbow Fluorite

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Crystal Angel Rainbow Fluorite can be used with all Chakras. The element of this crystal is Wind. It has a mix of many different colours blue, red, black, yellow, purple, pink, and green. This is why I say it can be used on all the chakras. Fluorite is a multi-use crystal.

I have found it to be a good psychic connection that enhances intellectual ability. Helps to clear the throat chakra with the blue in it.

One of the best ways to harness and absorb the energy of a Fluorite Angel crystal is through a daily meditation practice. Because the stone helps you to connect to your higher self. The crystal I find for me is healing and connection crystal. I have many of these crystals on my personal Altar at home. As I love the energy the connection it gives me to clients and spiritual beings. Beautiful rainbow fluorite angel weighing  126 grams


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