Crystal Angel Opalite

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Opalite Crystal is based on two different colours – white and blue. Together they stand for openness, calmness, and purity. Opalite is a man-made stone created from glass. Opalite is soft and gentle energy. Helps with anxiety and the release of stress. As I have found this with many of my clients that pop in to see me.

It won’t sparkle like diamonds, its softness makes it easy to carry with you in your pocket as I do. Its meaning may also go in a different direction, as it defines a new beginning. Opalite is like a crystal clear day at the beach when the ocean is blue and not a ripple. It seems to take me away to another place and to connect to spirit quite easy but can be also highly energetic.

I have used it in many meditations and Angel card readings. Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual. It is both a gentle and calming crystal I have a palm stone for my clients to feel as they come in for readings this slowly changes their mood or energy and calms it down. But in saying this a crystal affects people in all different ways. Some people feel nothing from some crystals. It is a personal choice.


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