Crystal Energy Healing Guide

Crystal Energy Healing Guide

Energy healing. It’s not a new phenomenon or fad, in fact, it has existed for thousands of years though it has been called a lot of different things during that time; energy healing, healing crystals and holistic healing to name a few. If this is your first time looking at crystal energy healing, you might be wondering exactly what it entails and whether it’s for you. Read on to discover more about how crystal energy healing works and if you still have any questions or concerns, please contact me here

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The most important thing to understand about energy therapy is that it is a process, not a one-off quick fix. Just like going to the gym, one session will not make you fit and muscly, but it will get the process started.
How it works
The first part of the process of crystal energy healing involves a discussion between us so that I can get an understanding of where you are at in terms of your energy. For example: are you experiencing stress, exhaustion, anxiety, poor health? This discussion helps me to understand your needs and expectations for your healing. Once we’ve completed our discussion, I bring out my crystal chart to see which crystal or crystals you are drawn to as this will help me gain a deeper understanding of your subconscious energy as well. Something you will come to understand as you do more energy work along your healing journey is that the crystals will choose you. Provided you have no allergies, I generally burn an appropriate incense and will usually have some of my Master Crystals on the table too.

All crystals have a vibration – as does everything on this Earth. Some crystals have a very high vibration, like Moldavite, and are usually unsuitable for this kind of work with new clients. You have to build up to being able to work with some crystals, but once you do the benefits are enormous.

This is one of the reasons why I usually suggest that you get guidance for crystal purchases – as while you may be drawn to some crystals their vibration may be too high for where you’re currently at and they may cause disrupted sleep or light headedness.

Once we’ve selected crystals, we go through your current feelings with the crystal colours to establish what energies are lacking and which ones are overabundant. I explain why these certain crystals have drawn you to them and using my intuition and understanding from my guides, I can embark on the healing process. At this point, I usually recommend that you lie down so you can be as relaxed and calm as possible.

And in fact, it’s normal for people to become so peaceful that they fall asleep – effectively removing their conscious mind from the process and allowing their unconscious and subconscious to do the healing work that is needed.

Crystal energy healing should be a gentle process, filled with love, compassion and guidance, but on occasion, energy work can create a sensation of heat within the body, so I recommend that clients wear loose-fitting clothing for their sessions. I also recommend that clients bring water to drink when undertaking crystal therapy as when energy is changing throughout the body it can make people quite thirsty and you need to replenish your system.

Some people – particularly those who are new to energy healing – may also experience a wheezy feeling, minor stomach upset or slight headache. This is all perfectly normal as density leaves the body. I do ask that you let me know if the things you are feeling – talking about them will not upset the flow of energy and may help to make the healing process more beneficial.

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For more in-depth information you can read my article on Chakras here What is a Chakra. As a general rule, I only ever work with a maximum of three chakras at a time when working with new clients. Any more than that may cause discomfort or feelings of overwhelming. There are seven main chakras located throughout the body. A chakra is like a wheel of energy, which all correspond to feelings or emotions (what we commonly call energies).
The chakras are:

Base Chakra (also known as the Root Chakra)
Colour: red
Element: earth
Location: base of the spine
Sacral Chakra
Colour: orange
Element: water
Location: pelvis/reproductive area

Solar Plexus Chakra
Colour: yellow
Element: fire
Location: stomach, just below the solar plexus

Heart Chakra
Colour: green
Element: Air
Location: centre of the chest

Throat Chakra
Colour: blue
Element space
Location: centre of the throat

Third Eye Chakra
Colour: indigo/purple
Element: space
Location: between the eyebrows

Crown Chakra
Colour: clear crystal/violet
Element: none
Location: above the head

Sometimes these chakra centres can be blocked, causing them to not spin correctly which can lead to emotional or physical issues.
The first thing I do when dealing with chakras is to carry out an intuitive body scan using crystals to guide me to where blockages are occurring.

After consulting with my client about what I feel, I start removing the excess energy from these centres, placing appropriate crystals on each chakra as needed to help balance them out. Once the centres are more balanced, I use different crystals to recharge the chakras with the appropriate energy.
Finally, I use my master Lemurian Seed Quartz healer crystal to adjust the intensity of certain chakras if needed.

All of this is done with the client’s comfort in mind – breaks can be taken if they need to stop, or need a drink. It’s important to remember that a healing session can get quite emotional, which is a normal part of the healing process.

Following the rebalancing of energy, I help to ground themselves with a short meditation – I want all of my clients to have the best possible healing experience and ensure that all of my services are for the highest good of all. This first session usually takes 1-1.5 hours.

Balancing of Chakra Energy

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

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