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Personal Crystal Grids Powerful Healing Energy

Crystal grids use sacred geometry patterns, designed with the intention to help you with your spiritual journey. Crystal grids can be single level (for one intention) or multi-level, which are used for more than one intention. Crystal grids can be created for the protection of property, abundance, health, and healing, for love and relationships, for pets, and many other personal or business reasons.

The process

Before I can create a custom-built crystal grid for a person or business, I first need to get permission for the grid to be assembled. Permission is one of the first rules of the universe and it’s critical to abide by the universal laws. I also need a picture of the person or building for the business that the grid is being
created for. Next, I need to set the intention for the grid. And while I respect my clients’ wishes with this, I also need to ensure that any intention that is set for a grid is created for the highest good of all. I usually also channel a positive affirmation that complements the energy grid, which I recommend that clients use daily for the best results. When it comes to the actual creation of the grid, I start by asking Mother Nature to provide a beautiful piece of one of her trees, which allows me to experience a better connection to the universe and to Mother Earth’s energy. I use crystals to set the intention for the grid – all crystals have unique energies that are enhanced through meditation, intention, and connection to spirit guides.

Light Coded Custom Crystal Grid Available soon

I use crystals that come from my sacred place of meditation, which is a daily practice for me and allows me to connect more with the intention and energy of the crystals used.

Visualizing the specific grids requires several hours of peaceful meditation with the picture provided by the client so that I can connect with what is needed. I sit with the energy that comes to me I write down any information I get. It’s critical that this process is uninterrupted.

After I have meditated with the picture and crystals, I burn ethically sourced Palo Santo to cleanse the energy of the room and place the grid on my altar, with all of my crystals placed in the field of energy.

I ask for spiritual guidance for where the crystals should be placed in the grid. When they have all been placed, I use my pendulum to ask my guides if the grid has been set correctly.

Once I receive confirmation that the grid is set, I activate it with a sound meditation ceremony using Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, channeled into the grid with light language coding energy and my Master Lemurian Seed Memory Keeper.

The final step for the Crystal Grid

The final step of this part of the process is to ground the energy. With this spiritual guidance, I begin to draw, using either what I see in my meditation or the
sacred geometry I am guided to place upon the wood.

I handmake and hand draw all of the grids myself – I feel that this creates a more powerful spiritual connection and energy.

Each grid I make is therefore unique. Some are coded with light language and others feature earth, wind, fire, or water elements.
The creation of grids is like crystal alchemy – channeling the energy of Mother Earth and universal energy into one powerful grid.
All of the grids I create are kept in my sacred space and are set for about three weeks. During this time I can top up the energy in them and this energy can be increased or decreased depending on each client’s situation and response to it.

The spiritual energy will travel where it is needed, for as long as it is needed providing that the intention has been set for the highest good of all.

Metatron’s Cube

A picture of the grid is sent to the client along with their affirmation. It’s important to know that no images of the crystal grids I create for clients are ever published as I feel that the grid is part of a personal conversation between my clients and the universe.

Because of the powerful nature of crystal grids, all clients must be over 18 years of age to have a grid prepared for them.

Once the grid has been activated, I encourage clients to practice their affirmation and drive plenty of water to help clear unwanted toxins and energy from their bodies.

Get a Crystal grid created today

Crystal Energy Grid Reviews from Local and International clients

Thank you Al G for the beautiful gift of working with you and your intuitive crystal energy grids.

I had the honor and privilege of being the recipient of one of the first Crystal Energy Grids.

That was created for my specific requirements it was very powerful in nature. The crystals chosen had amazing energy.

I felt the intense energy just before Al messaged me and told me the Grid was activated.

Al was easy to talk to and knew exactly what I needed. His affirmations and grid work helped me get through a very tough time. He was available when I needed some extra help and adjusted the energy of the custom grid accordingly. 

I would recommend Al to all of my friends and family. His knowledge intertwined with his incredible intuitive gifts and abilities made working with him a pleasure and everything was done with ease and grace. 

Rev. Jennifer MA, Florida USA MA (masters of arts) CH (Certified Hypnotist)

Debbie Buxcey Bsya recommends Divine Intervention Healing. From Scotland

I originally met Al as we were both taking the same courses in Angels and Crystals with Kyle Gray.

My life changed dramatically with losing my job and Al created a crystal grid for me and read angel cards.

He told me not to worry, things were working out for the greatest good.

How right was he! On the back of my crystal healing training, angel training, and being a Holistic Animal Healer.

I now have a new venture creating gemstone items for healing and wellbeing for both humans and animals. I cannot thank Al enough for being right, giving me confidence, standing by me on the lower energy days. Helping me to raise my vibrations

Please consider having a reading from him – as you will not be disappointed. He is extremely talented.

I met Al G through a mutual Facebook group.

Al set up a healing crystal grid for me for 2 weeks and sent me a picture with a positive affirmation to repeat daily or as often as I want.

He also explained the different crystals he used.

I slept very well during that time and had some vivid dreams.

I also received some financial rewards and had an overall sense of peace and trust that everything would be taken care of. Al is very professional with this process and setup.

Throughout this process and did a couple of check-ins with me while the crystal grid was set up. or if the grid needed more energy or less. Depending on my feelings.

I highly recommend his services and wish him the best in his spiritual business and development.

Thank you, Al!

Audrey from Ireland

Chanelle O’hare recommends Divine Intervention Healing.

May 29 at 9:58 AM  Sydney Australia

I’ve just received a divine crystal gridding system from my brother here at Divine intervention Healing! wow,

I felt the sifting immediately. the light codes of creation began to shift from the moment the intention was being placed.

This is a beautiful experience and will change your life. thank you so much dear soul!

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