Recommended Spiritual Practitioners Worldwide

Welcome to this sacred space of healing. At Divine Intervention Healing based in Perth Western Australia, we are proud to recommend spiritual healers from all over the world. Either I have used or had awesome feedback from.

This list includes Angel oracle card readers, Tarot card readers, Crystal suppliers energy healers, Crystal Therapy, Reiki Masters Yoga Practitioners, and Animal communicators the list goes on.

Also if you are interested in this concept and your business is a business of integrity with reasonable prices on your services or postage delivery. Contact us below and we will get back to you about Advertising your company on this page. The link is below.

The reason for this is over the years I have seen so many businesses in the healing space just in it for the money. Not for the integrity of the people, we are to help. It is an amazing feeling to help someone and see the difference.

Angel oracle card reader Perth

I have found beautiful people in small tucked-away shops that go the extra mile just to help others. The spirit in these people is amazing you can feel the love for people and see it in their eyes.

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As a certified Angel card reader, Angel guide, and crystal energy guide. I feel the energy and connection to spirit this I can do online or in-person as we are all energy. I also can feel the energy of the people I have required of their services.

This is a talent that has grown over the years. I also conduct myself in a way that I feel will help my clients. We are all connected in spirit we all just have different talents.

I do not call them gifts as a gift is like a present they are just given to you. Being a lightworker is an ongoing life lesson forever learning. You constantly have to work on yourself and release things that help you grow this means inner work. A releasing of energy that no longer serves you.

For some people this is very hard to do that is why Healers are there to guide people. Connection with Sharmans and light beings and angels requires commitment. The advantage of this is we can heal others as we heal ourselves. I have found also just because you are going through something this does not mean you are.

Highly recommended I have used this service Personally below is my review. Click on the image to visit their website.

I would like to say a big thank you to Madra Rua Animal Communication & Healing. I sent a picture to Audrey of my beautiful Amstaff and left the rest up to her communication genius. My dog spoke to her and I was truly amazed at what was explained to me in the consultation.

This was quite comical in some sections as well as she related herself to a cartoon character that she has seen and loves to watch. I am based in Perth Australia. I found Madra Rua on Facebook. As an Energy healer myself but in a different area.I will always support fellow spiritual guides and healers from all over the world.

The information that came forward made me joyful as Audrey explained many things that really resonated with me and my girl’s relationship, How she reacts to other animals. Also, why and what has made her like this something which we can guide her through with plenty of love and support. Also, about the harness, she wears and down to the finer details of why she does not like wearing it.

So, we are going down to let her pick out and try a new harness. As the love we have for our dog is given back to us 10-fold so she is well looked after. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who has any doubts about their animal’s behavior or why they act as they do. This is the first Animal Communicator I have ever used and will reuse again their service was prompt respectful with full of compassion done with integrity.

 My dog even told of the health issues that I had and how she loves to meditate with me. I feel more connected to my girl if that is even possible. But for those who love animals, they will understand what I mean. Much love and gratitude to the animal whisperer. May your business prosper and grow and may you continue on your spiritual journey of helping animals and humans understand each other.

Regards Al G

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