Why use crystals for good energy with mind body and soul health?

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Crystal energy healing is an alternative therapy intended to bring harmony and balance to the energy surrounding you and enhance mental wellbeing, increase feelings of positivity and serenity, and boost immune response and pain relief.

Crystals are the conduit – they help channel your focus to the area you need to heal. Specific crystals are more closely aligned with certain areas – healing stones have been used for centuries in ancient medicine and by healers to align chakras in the body.

The first thing to understand is that everything on our planet is made up of energy: everything has a vibration, frequency and energy field.  Each different crystal will have a different molecular structure, which means that it will vibrate at a different level, which will align to the vibration of different physiological, emotional and what’s known as subtle systems in our bodies. 

The molecular composition of crystals have a particular vibration and frequency and this energy can help to have a positive impact on your mind, body, and soul. Because crystals are natural elements of Mother Earth, they harness the energy of the universe – which we are all interconnected in. This is one of the reasons why holding crystals against your skin can feel so comforting and reassuring.

Properties of particular crystals

There are hundreds of different kinds of crystals, all with their own individual properties – so how do you work out which ones will work best for you?

The best way is to clear your mind, set your intention for what you’d like the crystals to help you with and see which ones you’re drawn to. Interestingly, you may find yourself attracted to the very crystals that are most suited for what you’re looking for help with!

But, if you’re keen to find out more about different crystal meanings and uses beforehand, Alchemical Magic has a pretty comprehensive list that you can find here:


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How to recharge your crystals

Energy operates in a two-way flow. As you absorb energy from them, crystals will absorb and move energy from you and other people. To keep your crystals in perfect condition they need to be cleansed and recharged when they have been around lower energy or used on others for healing.

Different crystal types require different treatment. Here are some ways to cleanse and recharge stones and crystals:

Running water: running water is believed to flush negative energies from crystals and return them to their original state. Natural running water is best (like a spring or river) but you can also just run water from the tap if need be. Just make sure you don’t use this method for certain crystals that are soft or porous. These include Selenite Lepidolite, Azurite, Malachite, Calcite, Angelite, Halite (Rock Salt), Celestite, Fluorite, Rhodocrosite and Ammolite these are soft crystals and will be destroyed by running water.

There are hard crystals that will also will be destroyed Hematite and Magnetite they have high traces of Iron Ore and will rust.

Saltwater: this will also absorb negative energies and again, natural sea water is best, (when you go down to the beach and walk in the water you feel so much better) but you can make your own. Only use this method for non-porous and hard crystals.

Brown rice: useful for protective crystals, like black tourmaline, brown rice can absorb negative energy from your stones. If you bury them in it. Just make sure that you dispose of the rice once you’re done!

Moonlight/sunlight: while any natural light will help to cleanse and recharge your crystals, though the light of the full moon is particularly powerful. For best results place them directly on the earth and let them absorb the morning sun as well, but don’t use this method for stones that might be bleached by sunlight or for crystals that might be damaged by rainwater.

Sage or Palo Santo: as well as smudging a space, you can also sage smudge your crystals to remove negative energies and recharge their power. Smudging can be used for any crystals and is best done outside or near an open window so that the negatively charged smoke can dissipate. Hold the crystal in the smoke for 30 seconds or until you feel it release all of its energy.

Sound: if you have a huge collection of crystals that you can’t move or cleanse individually, you can use sound – chanting, singing bowls or even a bell will work. Sound cleansing will work for any crystal, as long as you can surround the crystal with sound completely.

Your crystals may need more than one type of cleansing to clear them – but how will you know when they’re clean? You’ll be able to feel it. A completely cleansed crystal will feel lighter – both energetically and physically and mentally.

After your crystals have been cleansed it’s important to ensure that no one else handles them to avoid energy transfer. Keeping them in a location where they can absorb plenty of fresh air and natural light will also keep them clean for longer.

Crystals that do not generally need cleansing or absorb lower or negative energy: Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Blue Kyanite, Black Onyx, Apache Tears Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye. These crystals are awesome for grounding as well or carrying around in a medicine bag or as spiritual protection.

I actually have a Selenite cleansing crystal. I place my crystals that I have used for Energy healing on to. Then set the intention for these to be cleansed as this crystal is pure and is self-cleansing as my understanding is anything that is made pure can not absorb lower energy.

Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

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