Citrine Brazilian Natural Crystal Towers Zambia 3

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Brazilian Citrine from Zambia is also known as The Merchant’s Stone. It gives good luck and prosperity to businesses and also to spiritual abundance. Also brings forth a clarity of the mind and magnifies manifestation. It reminds me of a beautiful sunny day and the enjoyment of life. It carries Joy, happiness, wealth, and success. Citrine comes from the French word Citron meaning Lemmon. These are key elements for your business and clients. But as I said Abundance does not just mean money it can bring clientele to your business also the right types of customers. You can place it no your pocket or carry it in your wallet. Leave it on top of your office desk. Crystals love to be out in the light. Also if you want to amplify the results from a beautiful natural citrine you can place clear Brazillian quartz with your crystals as this will amplify all your crystals that you have it with. Citrine element is Fire


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