Crystal Energy Grids Power of Crystals

Crystal Energy Grids Power of Crystals


I once remembered visiting a very dear friend and confidant. She invited me into her room and
right by her bedside was a special mat, with crystal-like shapes arranged in a grid at the end of
the mat. Curious to know what this meant, she was quick to enlighten me about what it was, how
it works, and why she has this particular grid. It was a crystal grid for healing from the emotional
trauma she has been going through losing her only daughter to death earlier in the year. She also
shared how much relief she has recorded in weeks, focusing on the intent of the grid.

I was wowed. This made me interested in learning more about crystal grids. So in this article, I’ll be
bringing to you, everything you need to know about crystal grids especially healing crystals and
healing crystal grids, from what they are to how to create them, how to use them, and the best
crystal grid templates you can think of should you be interested in having one for yourself or for

What are crystal grids?

Crystal grids are gemstones and crystals set up in a pattern to attract higher energies for a specific
intention as desired by the user. The arrangement of the crystals must be in consonance with the
widely accepted sacred geometry. Sacred geometry masterfully combines shapes, their colours,
sound, and vibration to create high-frequency energies needed to be aimed at a purpose. That’s the only
way the intent of the user can be properly channeled to achieve results.

Each crystal has its own energy, qualities, and properties, but when the crystals are part of a
constructed grid, their energies are unbeatable and provide just the unique vibe to produce the
the intent at heart.

Types of crystal grids

Crystal grid of protection
Crystal Grid of protection this grid has many intentions set for it

Crystal grids are used for different purposes and come in different designs and layouts. Other than
healing crystal grids, which we will consider shortly, there are crystal grids for experiencing and
manifesting love, attraction, peace, abundance, prosperity, negative energy, protection, weight
loss and so much more.

Accordingly, there are the following best crystal grid templates: love crystal grids, protection
crystal grids, Merkabah crystal grids, full moon crystal grids, abundance crystal grids, the flower of
life crystal grids, infinity crystal grids, chakra crystal grids, Metatron crystal grids, crystal grid
for manifestation, and abundance crystal grid.

Starseed Crystal Grids for Healing

A Starseed crystal grid is a wooden crystal grid that is known to be a powerful healing tool to help
you balance your creative energies. It spins with energy to help you replace negative thoughts
with positive ones and reminds you that the universe wants you to discover your personal power
and use it to do good.

The starseeds are powerful healers that connect you to higher realms of the spirit through their
illuminating beauty and light. They bring the energy of light body activation and remembrance
of our divine nature by sending light language to your higher self and your physical body.
What is Light Language?

Light language is an alternative energy healing modality that comes in different ways. It
always comes from the light of a high vibrational being to help you do healing work. The healer
brings in the sound of the light codes which brings healing light codes and can only be seen by
those who see clairvoyant.

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Types of crystals for healing

Citrines: It is a gemstone that can also be found in the seed of life, it symbolises happiness and

Rose quartz: Rose quartz is a powerful gemstone that is used to attract the energies of love which
help in realising the worth of living a healthy life.

Fluorite: Fluorite crystals are multi-colored stones with minerals known for their powerful
energetic healing. They calm the mind and support productivity.

Botswana agate: It is enriched with a variety of banded chalcedony, a mineral of the quartz
family. It is used to treat depression, stress and relieve sexual dysfunction in both sexes.

Amethyst: This is one of the famous and prominent crystals because of its beautiful coloration as
well as its spiritual and literal meaning. It is a variety of quartz and contains iron minerals. This
gemstone symbolizes meditation. It has the power of emotional healing that can help you through
difficult situations and let you understand what it is you are dealing with.

Sodalite: This is a tectosilicate mineral that brings calmness and order to the mind. It is able to
reduce fever and assist with insomnia.

Blue lace agate: It is a crystal stone with silicate mineral and it has subtle energy to help achieve
balance and stability. It also symbolizes freedom and serenity.

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Light coded custom grid

How To Create Crystal Grids for Healing

Step 1

Set your intention: You are to determine the purpose of making a grid either by writing it on a
piece of paper or keeping it in your heart.

Step 2
Pick a grid shape: You can use a circle shape or a Starseed crystal grid. It will attract more
powerful energy than any other grids since your intention is healing.

Step 3
Choose your stones: To set up your grid, you have to choose stones that symbolize healing. They
include; Rose quartz, Botswana agate, Amethyst, Sodalite, Fluorite, etc.

Step 4
Get started with creating: Begin by placing your chosen crystal down on the grid. Start from the
outside of the shape and work your way in and place your last crystal in the center.

Step 5
Activate your grid: To activate your healing grid, you have to use light language- using light
codes by dancing and using sounds. You can still say your intention aloud. This would attract
more powerful energies.

How to Use the crystal grids generally

The universe recognizes your negative thoughts and words. Also, the crystal grids produce
higher frequency energies than you do and will never come low to them. Hence, in order to get
productive, never include negative low vibrational words when creating your crystal grids.

For example, if you don’t want to be unhealthy,

Don’t say, “I don’t want to be unhealthy”. If you do, the universe will interpret this as “I want to
be unhealthy”.
Rather, replace your thoughts and words with, “I am healthy and it is my divine right to be”


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