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Archangel Michael, who is the archangel Michael, how to connect with Archangel Michael

Following on from our Introduction to the Archangels a few weeks ago, we’re going to be looking at each of the Archangels in greater detail, giving you some guidelines for recognizing and connecting with them so that you can enjoy the enriching experience of having them in your life.

If you’d like to see the original post to get familiar with all of the Archangels first, you can read it Archangel Introduction

A quick note about religion

While Angels feature heavily in many religions, Angels themselves are spiritual and not religious. You don’t have to follow a particular religion – or any religion at all – in order to connect with Archangels.

Who is the Archangel Michael?

As a general rule, Archangel Michael is the one that most people are familiar with – the Angel of Protection has a pretty big reputation that precedes him and is called on by millions of people across the globe to offer them safety and security.

While you may have your own personal Guardian Angels that provide you with shelter, Archangel Michael is the powerhouse of protection, hugely powerful and unlike your Guardian Angels, who must be with only you, he can lend his protection to anyone and everyone who asks for it.

He is the ultimate in on-call Angel protection – any time you’re feeling the need to be shielded or safeguarded, you can simply say his name and he’ll be right there with you.

And the best part, is that he doesn’t just shield you from exterior threats, his protection will also blast away any stress, anxiety, or negative internal dialogue that’s bringing you down (he uses his sword to cut the cord of negativity away from you, severing any connection to that which does not serve you).

How to recognise Archangel Michael

Unlike some of the other Archangels who might prefer more inscrutability or discretion, Archangel Michael prefers to roar rather than whisper. If he wants to get your attention, chances are you’re definitely going to know about it.

You might find that he makes his presence known through one of the following:

  • You keep seeing symbols of protection and serenity, like feathers.
  • You can literally hear his voice within you.
  • You feel sudden, inexplicable peace in stressful situations.
  • You feel warm for no reason (that flaming sword of his).
  • You find yourself suddenly surrounded by ‘Michaels’.
  • You’ve got a heightened awareness of the colour blue.

How to connect with Archangel Michael

While getting Archangel Michael’s attention is as easy as simply saying his name, there are times when you might want to have a more detailed or prolonged interaction with him. In these instances, you can start by surrounding yourself with the colour blue. Archangel Michael’s colour is royal blue, but you can use other shades if you have them. Try using blue candles and blue crystals, wrap yourself in blue or visualise the colour surrounding you. You can also use Archangel cards or images of him to meditate on and ask the Protector if he’d be willing to put in an appearance.

Reasons to call on Archangel Michael

There are a whole host of reasons why you might like to ask Archangel Michael to hang out with you for a while. For instance, if you know you’re going to be in a situation that causes you stress or anxiety (like public speaking or going to the dentist) you can ask him to protect you from those feelings, you can ask him to remove negativity from your home or other spaces, you can ask him to shield you from the negativity of others if you know you’re going to have an interaction with someone toxic.

The main thing is to remember that no matter what you need protection from, Archangel Michael will have your back – all you need to do is ask him for help and don’t forget your manners! It’s always nice to add a please or thank you along with your request. After all, even Archangels like to feel appreciated!

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