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Communication with Angelic Energy with Angel Guide Ballajura.

Angel oracle cards are beautifully illustrated cards with heavenly images and Divine guidance. Al offers angel card readings and angel guidance to those who are seeking Divine guidance from angels or ascended masters. Some of the packs he uses are Kyle Gray angel cards, to meditate to get his spiritual connection growing to get angel answers. Divine intervention healing is all about the spiritual journey we are all on.

On request, Al channels readings directly from angels to get daily guidance from your angels. These personal, just-for-you readings provide insight and information into your life purpose and your present-day circumstances, including Divine, ‘biggest possible picture’ perspectives into your relationships with your significant others, both the living and those who have passed.

In essence, our lives are One Grand Lesson, with the overlying, primary objective of personal growth. The Divine sets out to orchestrate ‘challenges’, ‘suffering’, ‘stumbling blocks’ and ‘obstacles’ throughout our lives to teach us vitally important lessons to fuel, to drive, to help, and to enable us to be and to live the best possible versions of ourselves that we can be. With the highest positive vibration possible. In facing and overcoming our intricately, customized, divinely inspired challenges throughout our earthly existences as humans, we are able to live our lives in ways that more closely align with our Highest Selves, our fundamental reasons for being.

Al’s angel card readings will give you insights and understanding into how your present-day circumstances, your masculine and feminine energies and your feelings of joy, sadness, grief, and anger align and fit into the intricately woven, ‘Divine Master Plan’, as each of us is a unique, precious, sacred, single strand, a vital part of the bigger, collective ‘Grand Tapestry of the Whole of Life.

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You will receive insights and information that help to guide you towards alignment with your life’s purpose. You will receive personal information and guidance on how to navigate your existing relationships with others. All for the highest good of all

Allen’s angel card readings essentially provide a Zoomed Out, bird’s eye, Divine, the bigger picture of a whole ‘thousands of pieces jigsaw puzzle’, helping each of us to understand where we, metaphorically speaking, as ‘one single puzzle piece’ fit amongst the whole, the ever-changing, dynamic jigsaw puzzle, the Grand Scheme of Things, the ‘Divine Master Plan’, ‘The Great Web of Life’.

Naturally, each of us has important relationships with other people in our lives, including our: our ancestors, our parents, our immediate families, our extended families, our friends, our work colleagues, and our neighbors.

Al’s angel readings will also guide you towards greater clarity in your life purpose, your careers, your hobbies, your interests, your passions, and your life direction.

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Just like each of us are able to clearly identify, to view, and to see one single jigsaw puzzle piece within its context of its immediate surroundings as well as in the much broader context of the whole picture, Al’s angel card readings will help to give you a similar ‘grand view’ and context around your own relative ‘ant-like position’ within the Cosmos, the greater matrix, the larger Divine picture, and purpose. He is spiritually guided due to his commitment to daily meditation and spiritual connection.

The outcomes of the angel card readings are broad guidelines, ultimately the decisions and choices that you will make within your own everyday life will be always up to you and to you alone.

Not all readings are set in stone as we also have free will. In every single moment, you are always ‘The Captain of Our Own Ship’. Ultimately, you are always able to make your own choices and decisions around how you respond, how you think as well as what you say and what you choose not to say in any given situation that you are presented with.

Of course, there will be some elements in your life that are harder to change than others, such as how your parents relate to you, how your work colleagues treat you and how much your employers or your clients pay you.

But ultimately, you are entirely responsible for how you think, what you say and what you choose not to say in any circumstance that you face and in every interaction that you have with other human beings.

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Al is essentially a spiritually guided messenger, a channel, and a conduit between the angels and his clients. Al’s clients experience deep resonance and understanding through their experience of receiving Al’s card readings. Also, calming energy that flows with angel connections. These can be done online or in-person as the energy flows where it needs to go.

The choice around what you take away from the angel card readings is always yours. This choice falls entirely within your ‘court’, totally within your domain. Because ultimately, you are THE World Expert on you. No one else on earth has spent more time with you than you. No one else on earth knows your everyday inner world and your daily inner experience as well as you do.

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No one else on earth can retell your history and your life story as accurately, truthfully, and completely and as well as you can. YOU are the ultimate authority on you. Your Self Sovereignty is your birthright. So how you choose to respond to your angel card readings is absolutely up to you and to you alone.

Al fully recognizes, acknowledges, understands, unconditionally accepts, and encourages each of his client’s right to their own Self Sovereignty. His role is simply to ‘deliver’, to ‘play postman’, to be a messenger between the Angels and his clients. Much love and gratitude to all of my followers and clients, may you all grow in light and love Nameste

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